Peter Madden

Peter Madden

Los Angeles, CA

Peter Madden is a multimedia journalist from Southern California interested in all things science and sports. He just likes being outside.

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‘Boom, Bust, Boom,’ by Bill Carter

As talk began of reopening the copper mine in Bill Carter’s adopted home of Bisbee, Ariz., the author and filmmaker launched an investigation into the history of the copper-mining industry and its imp...

Reuters' AlertNet: Pacific islands drop diesel for 100 percent solar power

Source: alertnet // Peter Madden
Solar panels have replaced diesel generators on Tokelau, an island grouping in the South Pacific. Photo: PowerSmart Solar
By Peter Madden
The island nation of Tokelau ...

Amateur Flyers Soar Above Aviation Landmark | Local Brooklyn News and Features

Floyd Bennett Field once played host to the biggest names in early aviation, but now its skies are empty except for a small cadre of flying fanatics.

Are you up to the (water) challenge, today?

When you wake up in the morning and start your daily routine—take a shower, brush your teeth, cook breakfast—do you ever stop to wonder where all that water you’re using comes from?

BioBlitz: Explore the National Parks with National Geographic

Attention all backyard explorers and rosebush whackers: this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Your days of leading patient parents on perilous neighborhood expeditions are over.

Four Teens Find Trouble for Tebowing - ABC News

ABC News’ Peter Madden reports: Four Long Island high school seniors learned the hard way that “Tebowing” can get you into trouble.

Hitchens Remembered Through 15 Quotes - ABC News

ABC News’ Peter Madden reports: British American essayist and avowed atheist Christopher Hitchens died on Thursday, Dec. 15, at age 62, and he saw it coming.

Memphis Boy Saves Sister from Kidnapper - ABC News

Jai'von Simpson saves his little sister from would-be kidnapper.

Reno Wildfire Fueled by Winds - ABC News

Thousands have been forced to evacuate as the blaze burns on.

Scholars at Sea | Stories from New York's Waterfront

Video profiles from the New York Harbor School on Governors Island.